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The Thorobrain blog is for Brain Optimization. This blog is written by brain optimization expert and neurologist Dr Gretchen H. Campbell, MD, so you are hearing from someone who has training an experience dealing with the brain. In her blog, Dr Campbell gives brain Optimization Tips and Guidance as well as real patient stories – and stories about her own life. Read the Brain Optimization with Thorobrain blog to get advice for how you can optimize your brain and become a Thorobrain yourself.

In the Thorobrain blog, Dr. Campbell discusses what she does to enhance the performance of her brain and to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. She writes about real stories and gives specific suggestions for becoming a Thorobrain. Her brain optimization strategies are backed by research.

The Thorobrain blog for brain optimization also provides real experience with the supplements, nootropics, exercise and zen strategies discussed in Thorobrain Academy. You can read about all the common nootropics and learn strategies to reduce stress. Our focus on brain fuel will guide your eating habits so you can learn to eat for your brain. You can leave replies to posts by Dr Campbell and get feedback to your questions!